How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

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How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

Professional Air Duct Cleaning Service: How Much Does Air duct cleaning cost?

How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost? Your home has a network of ducts running through the walls and under the floors. These connect to and from your central air conditioning and heating system, circulating cool and warm air to your home.

To prevent them from being clogged with dust and contaminants, you need to clean your air duct system periodically. But you probably already know all that. What you may be wondering is, just how much does Air duct cleaning cost? Keep reading to find out.

How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

Want to keep the air around your home clean, odor-free, mold/mildew-free, and overall be of good quality? If that’s the case, you’ll be relieved to learn that air duct cleaning is quite inexpensive when compared to other home maintenance and repairs.

How Often Should Air Duct Cleaning Be Done?

If you’re looking for an answer to the question, “How much does Air duct cleaning cost?” The second thought that comes to mind is, “How often are you going to pay this cost?” As such, how often should your air ducts be cleaned?

Air duct cleaning should be done on a need basis, or every 5 to 7 years. The number of times you’ll need the service depends on the number of vents, size of ductwork, accessibility of the system, and amount of dirt in the duct system.

What’s Included In The Cost Of Air Duct Cleaning?

All components of the air duct system, including the blower, registers, fan motor, plenum, coils, drain pan, and heat exchanger should be cleaned by the cleaning service as part of a typical air duct cleaning service. As seen, it’s significantly more involving than merely sweeping your home’s registers, and it may help your heating and cooling systems last as long as possible.

What’s Not Included In The Cost Of Air Duct Cleaning?

Your service technician may discover some surprising damages when inspecting your air ducts. If additional repair needs are detected, they may be added to the air duct cleaning cost. Some of the repairs may be dealt with in a day if the work involved is minimal.

Top 4 Factors That Affect Air Duct Cleaning Cost

• Type of Ductwork

When it comes to the type of ductwork, there are different materials used e.g. flex, fiberglass, and foam board. Each material has its tools and clean procedures. Contact vacuuming, power brushing, and air cleaning can be used to clean foam boards or fiberglass ducts. Flex ductwork however necessitates specialized equipment, which not every company can provide, making it pricier.

• Mold and Mildew Remediation

Mold and mildew can build up in your home’s ducts over time. This is especially true in humid climates or if your home has ever been damaged by water. Mold spores can spread through the air, posing a potentially hazardous condition.

That is why it is critical to have mold and mildew cleaned as soon as possible. In such a case, air duct cleaners would need special chemicals and equipment, leading to a spike in cost.

• Rat and Pest Removal

Nobody wants rodents or other pests crawling around in their ductwork. If your air duct cleaning specialist notices signs of rats or mice, they may advise you to hire an exterminator to deal with the problem before having your ducts cleaned. You should anticipate paying between $150 and $500 for this service.

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Before you question How much does Air duct cleaning cost? double-check that you’re not putting cost first in a circumstance where it shouldn’t. Your air ducts can recirculate dust, pet dander, contaminants, mold, and debris all over your home.

It can be a dangerous situation, especially if you have children or people who suffer from allergies or asthma. As such, if you’re seeing an unexpected or inexplicable spike in your energy bills or an excessive buildup of dust in your house, it may be time to call us. Contact us at (512) 546-6939 or email us at [email protected].

How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?


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