5 Top Reasons to Clean your Air Ducts, especially if you live in Texas (2020)

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5 Top Reasons to Clean your Air Ducts, especially if you live in Texas (2020)

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Most of us spend almost more than half of our lifespan inside our homes, inhaling the indoor air from our air ducts. We literally live in our cozy corners, our safe space, and at times we find it very hard to leave our homes and do outdoor chores. 2020 also has us confined to indoors. Due to COVID-19, we are told to take precautions, live inside, and maintain social distance. Now living indoors, we can no longer put off maintaining our indoor air quality. This is why cleaning your air ducts; your HVAC systems should be your first priority.

There are several reasons to clean your air ducts, but you should pay special attention to your air ducts if you live in Texas. The hot and humid weather of Texas makes dirt and dust particles sticky and clog the vents. When your air ducts are clogged, it affects your ventilation system and reduces its Efficiency.

We will enlist the top 5 most significant and essential reasons why you should clean your air ducts.

5. Get Acquainted with Underlying Issues of your HVAC System

We all know how ignored our HVAC system is in our homes. The only attention it ever gets is when you change the temperature, and your father yells at you for touching HIS thermostats.

We have spent most of 2020 indoors, which has increased the usage of HVAC systems. The air ducts have to circulate more air and can become damaged. When you clean your air ducts, you discover underlying issues with your system that typically would have been ignored and left undiscovered. Discovering issues at early stages will allow you to fix them sooner, increasing the life of your HVAC systems.

4. Eliminating Molds and Dust and Odors

Most of the air ducts systems are built in the attic or the basement of the houses. Basements are usually damp, humid and may have been flooded in the past. The damp and wet environment provides a perfect place for mold as well as mildew to grow. They can grow around and inside the ducts, spreading spores throughout your house. Antimicrobial should be used in the air ducts after cleaning them to prevent molds and mildews growth.

Dust is another thing that can literally travel through anything and into everything. It can accumulate in inaccessible places and then spread with air. The dust can also become a home for house dust mites, causing different allergies in humans. Periodic cleaning of air ducts ensures dust-free ducts and maintain healthy air.

Sometimes we encounter unpleasant odors in our house. We have looked under our beds, sofas, behind the cupboards and stove, scrubbed and cleaned every inch of our house, and yet the odor prevails. We can’t think of any other place from where the odor might be coming from. Our mind never thinks of the air ducts, that they might be the cause of the unpleasant odor. They really might be the reason for the odor; cleaning your air ducts helps you get rid of the different substances that might have been the cause of the smell.

3. You Have Pets

No matter how much we love our pets, we all know the amount of fur and dander they shed every day. So when you clean your sofas, beds, carpet, among other things, won’t you think it can go inside your air ducts as well? Everything your pets shed goes inside your air ducts. Dander can cause different allergies in humans, while fur can affect your respiratory system, especially if you have asthma. Too much fur can also block your air ducts.

Regular and thorough cleaning of air ducts can prevent the accumulation of such substances in them.

2.  Allergens and Health Issues

The air inside your house is not so fresh; it is circulated throughout your house repeatedly. You breathe the same air, so any impurities that are brought inside your house with you are added to the air duct system. Over a period of time, these different particles in the air can accumulate inside your air duct system. These things can affect your family’s health in such stealthy ways that you don’t even realize until it’s too late.

Tight air ducts provide the perfect place for different allergens to gather. Often in air ducts, we can find molds, fungi, bacteria, dust, dust mites, germs, pet-fur, dander, and different chemicals and allergens. These not only escalate already present allergies but may also induce new and different allergies in a person. These accumulated substances in air ducts can also cause asthma and different respiratory diseases as well.

With a little determination, precaution, and hardwork, and a little bit of investment, you can save thousand in healthcare and invaluable family health.

1. Save Money, Increase Efficiency

Regular cleaning of your air ducts helps you save money by preventing any major and irreversible damage to your air ducts system. When you clean your air ducts regularly, you get acquainted with your HVAC system. This helps you in noticing any unusual noise or accumulation of contamination in your system. Early diagnosis can help you save hundreds of dollars by fixing the problem in the early stages. Once the problem gets irreversible, then you have no choice but to replace your entire air duct system or a significant part of it.

Not only does the cleaning saves and prevent crucial damage to your air duct system, but it also increases its efficiency. Once your air duct network is clean, the airflow gets better and healthier. No impurities either accumulate in your air duct network or go in your HVAC system. Admit or not, there might be spiders, insects, cockroaches, or even rodents living and DYING in your air duct system. When you thoroughly and regularly clean your air duct network, it prevents these insects and rodents from making their own houses in your air duct system.

A little money spent on air duct cleaning can help you save hundreds in replacing it and provide a better living environment for your family.


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